Slayers “Putting Up” not “Shutting Up”

Climate of Sophistry

Roy Spencer tells Slayers: “Put Up or Shut Up”

Presents his “time dependent model” as a challenge

(this article can be downloaded as a pdf.  original article here)

Dr. Roy Spencer has challenged the Slayers to either “put up or shut up” [i] and presents what he says is a “time-dependent” Earth model to describe “reasonable surface temperatures”, and asks us to produce the same.  Anthony Watts added his reply:  “Like me, you’ve reached a GHG [greenhouse gas] tipping point with these folks. Good for you for taking a stand. I await them addressing your model challenge.”  Watts has subsequently responded on his own blog: “…if and when they are able to provide a simple working model of the atmospheric energy balance that matches their theory with observations, I’ll be happy to take another look at the idea here”.

Spencer provides an xls spreadsheet showing the “code”…

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