MPs Green Virtue Signalling Will Put Real Jobs At Risk

Iowa Climate Science Education

By Paul Homewood


Just when you thought Parliament could not get any more out of touch with the real world!


From Global Witness:


  • UKEF’s activities are the ‘elephant in the room’ undermining the UK’s international climate and development targets
  • UKEF’s support for fossil fuel energy is unacceptably high with the majority of investments in projects in low and middle-income countries
  • This risks locking them into high-carbon dependency for decades to come
  • UKEF should follow the lead of other export credit agencies, such as Sweden, and introduce a cap on lending to fossil fuel projects
  • UKEF plays a significant role in enabling fossil fuel projects by removing risk and sending investor signals to the market
  • Supports view of former UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon who urged a “recalibration” of UKEF’s policy to meet international climate trends and obligations
  • UKEF should end support to new fossil fuel projects by 2021…

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