lines on the map … adjusted of course


Some interesting graphs and surprises. Followed below with the most devastating news.


Archived color maps of local temperature anomalies are available on-line at:

You can see where the last cyclone swathed a path for a second this week, to cool the West Coast of Australia. Warwick Hughes checked the original BoM forecast for March, then wrote this: Australian Bureau of Meteorology March temperature Outlooks turned out to be laughable failures.  Warwick has more, go and see the graphs.

BoM’s sea surface ‘looped’ temperature series is colour-distracted, especially to a colour blind reader like myself, but here goes:

North Western Australia
Cocos (Keeling) IslandsChristmas Island

Interesting, the effects of near cyclone and cyclone distribution can be noticed.

Joe Bastardi has the best graphs.

May even have the most accurate forecasts, too:

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