All Black Future: Intermittent Renewables Chaos Means Longer Blackouts, Much More Often

Green energy is dump energy. Just a shot in the dark.
Hello Germany you are next.


Pinning your power hopes on the weather requires more than just a leap of faith, it requires candles, torches and a sturdy backup generator. The hapless denizens of South Australia (Australia’s wind and solar capital) are now world-renowned for their (enforced) self-reliance and stoicism.

In wind and solar obsessed Australia, couple a spike in demand (a heatwave, say) with calm weather and/or sunset and the grid manager scrambles to keep the whole show afloat. Power punters simply struggle along, freezing or boiling in the dark.

South Australians have suffered Australia’s only statewide blackout and dozens of mass load shedding events. Its grid is on the very brink of collapse.

But it’s not unique to SA. Any place attempting to run on sunshine and breezes is struggling to prevent its electricity generation and distribution system from imploding.

It’s to be remembered that it wasn’t engineers who were demanding windmills and…

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