PAGES2K (2017): Antarctic Proxies

Don`t worry about climate change. Al Gore and the UN are dead wrong on climate fears. their global warming scarev is not driven by science- no it is driven by politics.

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A common opinion (e,g, Scott Adams) is that the “other proxies”, not just Mann’s stripbark bristlecone tree rings, establish Hockey Stick. In today’s post, I’ll look at PAGES2K Antarctic data – a very important example since Antarctic isotope data (Vostok) is used in the classic diagram used by Al Gore (and many others) to illustrate the link between CO2 and the isotopes used to estimate past temperature. 

Antarctic d18O is one of the few proxies which can be accurately date in both very recent measurements and in Holocene and deep time. However, rather against message, Antarctic d18O over the past two millennia (as for example the PAGES2K 2013 compilation) has mostly gone the “wrong” way, somewhat diluting the IPCC message – to borrow a phrase.

PAGES2017 relaxed the PAGES2K ex ante quality control criteria to include 15 additional series (most of which are not new), but these, if anything, reinforce the earlier…

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All Black Future: Intermittent Renewables Chaos Means Longer Blackouts, Much More Often

Green energy is dump energy. Just a shot in the dark.
Hello Germany you are next.


Pinning your power hopes on the weather requires more than just a leap of faith, it requires candles, torches and a sturdy backup generator. The hapless denizens of South Australia (Australia’s wind and solar capital) are now world-renowned for their (enforced) self-reliance and stoicism.

In wind and solar obsessed Australia, couple a spike in demand (a heatwave, say) with calm weather and/or sunset and the grid manager scrambles to keep the whole show afloat. Power punters simply struggle along, freezing or boiling in the dark.

South Australians have suffered Australia’s only statewide blackout and dozens of mass load shedding events. Its grid is on the very brink of collapse.

But it’s not unique to SA. Any place attempting to run on sunshine and breezes is struggling to prevent its electricity generation and distribution system from imploding.

It’s to be remembered that it wasn’t engineers who were demanding windmills and…

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Wind Industry Armageddon: South Australian Blackouts Lead Australia’s Chief Scientist to Demand Immediate Cap on Wind Power

Europeans wake up and use your mind. Take this report as a look into the future.



The fallout from South Australia’s power pricing and supply debacle continues.

Last year Australia’s Chief Scientist, Alan Finkel was given the unenviable task of trying to keep Australia’s lights on, despite the havoc caused by a weather dependent system abandoned centuries ago, for pretty obvious reasons. With repeated statewide blackouts and routine load shedding part and parcel of South Australia’s attempt to run on sunshine and breezes, his conclusions come as no surprise: Australia should quarantine its, obviously failed, wind power experiment to South Australia, in order to avoid destroying an entire electricity grid.

At a time when the wind industry is under siege, and the Large-Scale RET that sustains it is under mortal threat, Finkel’s findings will, no doubt, send the wind industry, its parasites and spruikers into a permanent state of apoplexy. Here’s the AFR’s Ben Potter outlining the beginning of the end for big wind in Australia.

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